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Dr. Marguerite Raaen is a recognized innovative executive leader with global business acumen and deep technical knowledge. She has held global leadership roles with corporations such as IBM, SVP with Chase Manhattan Bank / Intelisys Electronic Commerce (NYC), e-CIO at Cable & Wireless in London, Unisys, and BAH Healthcare, as well as, federal government executive roles as the Chief Technology Officer and PD CIO with the US Department of Education and IT executive appointee with the NIH / National Cancer Institute. Dr. Raaen holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Psychology from Georgia State University, with a Dissertation in user interface design with the US Army/ IBM; a Master’s Degree in Curriculum/Statistics; a BS in Psychology/Statistics. She is a member of HL7 International Standards for the EHR and RCRIM international committees and certified CHIME CIO.

To highlight some of Dr. Raaen’s recognitions, she was awarded the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Scientific Achievement Award for outstanding contribution in computer science applications for imaging information across National Cancer Institute (NCI) and 60 US Cancer Centers for a public portal for worldwide cancer research, She was a keynote speaker at The International Alliance for Women 2006 Conference in Santiago, Chile, “New IT Technologies for 2006, Impact on Business”.

In July 2002 for IBM, she was granted a US Patent, 6,424,997 B1, for NLP/NLQ technology. Dr. Raaen’s patent led to an IBM Watson product line. This was part of ad hoc queries in natural language against massive databases - WATSON. Dr Raaen is a clinical informatics professional and IBM certified Product Professional. Dr. Raaen was the GWAC/IDIQ executive for IBM Federal for 9 years.

Throughout her IBM career, Dr. Raaen held progressively more responsible positions, 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line to C level management positions in marketing, sales, business development, services teams, data centers, cloud and overall IT executive management. As a co-author of IBM’s 5 year plan, she helped to improve IBM’s market share and received the prestigious IBM Corporate Strategy Award (1992). She has held key practice area executive roles in IBM, Unisys and BAH. As the Chief of Staff (COS) for IBM’s CFO, Doug Maine, she was deeply involved in the conversion of IBM to an Internet company and the purchase of Internet tools and software companies for the IBM portfolio. Her role as COS for Dick Anderson, IBM’s WW GM of, allowed her to expand her industry relationship capital. She received the IBM US Software Sales Executive Award and the IBM Chairman's Eagle Award / the Club President Award as the Top US Sales Employee plus an honor as one of the top 7 WW IBM sales employees. She was a member of the Federal C level Executive Council initiating OMB initiatives for taxpayers through e-GOV. As a Director at IBM Watson Health, created the artificial intelligent cardiologists billing assistant:

Dr. Raaen was a key executive with the global telecom and hosting / data center vendor – Cable & Wireless Inc. in London England. As SVP and e-CIO, she managed the Cable & Wireless (CW) Global Internet Division with $790 million (478M £) P&L, overseeing 7 executives, 603 employees in 16 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. As a senior federal executive, she was the PD CIO / CTO for a $110 Billion (B) federal Cabinet level Agency with $347M P&L with 9 SES and GS15 direct reports and 407 employees for financial applications, data center, grants, infrastructure, telecommunications, IT investment and web development. DOED has the largest Civilian Agency budget and is the 3rd largest financial institution in the US. In November 2002, Dr. Raaen was presented to Congress as one of the top 5 commercial IT Executives, for "Best Practices for Efficient IT Employee Development Processes" by the Federal Government GAO Office. The GAO assessed her approach as out-performing other commercial IT organizations and concluded that they could apply her practices to re-engineering the OCIO offices in the U.S. Government. She was also a key IT executive for NIH and a key contributor to the caBIG program that won the Computerworld’s Honors Program Laureate Award in Science

Her governance roles include: Director, Junior Engineering Technical Society (VA), Colesville City Council (MD), a Scientific Fellow for VC, Catalyst f1C (CA) and Advisory Board for pEp Security SA, Luxembourg.