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Professional Communications Accomplishment Snapshots
Dr. Raaen has strong communication skills both in interpersonal negotiations and podium speeches to large conferences. Trusted as the communications Executive Assistant for the IBM CEO, she created communication reports to all global senior executives. She was the Chief of Staff for the IBM CFO. She was elected as Chairwoman of Cable & Wireless (CW) IT Action Committee (the IT governance steering committee governing capital spend for IT development for CW CEOs in 16 countries). She successfully negotiated hundreds of business agreements and development contracts, providing the highest value for her organizations, with vendors such as IBM, CISCO, EDS, Accenture, SUN, HP. She was a key executive at AEEC, IBM, CW, DoED, NIH and BAH. Dr. Raaen is also a sought after as a corporate and government conference speaker. She has written two books, contributed chapters to two books and created hundreds of technical and business papers.

Samples of success in this area:


Led hundreds of RFP, RFI, RFQ, BAFFO Bid conferences for the government and commercial entities such as IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, CW, NIH, DoED.
Published 2 books, contributed to two other books, and hundreds of white papers and delivered these technical topics evolved from these publications to many audiences with an ease of delivery. These papers generated invitations to speak at numerable conferences on many IT subjects, e.g. SALT, e-Learning Conference, COMDEX, ARK Group, IEEE, ACM, The Advertising Research Foundation.
Had formal speaker training while at IBM over her 25 years there as part of the development given to executives and senior management.
Was selected as the guest speaker for key IBM's customer events. This was a high honor in IBM to be chosen to address the CIO's and CTO's from top companies as the IBM face to the customer.
Delivered Speeches: Dr. Raaen has been sought after to speak at conferences on technology issues and technology adoption since 1985. She has spoken at 100's of conferences such as, e.g. key speaker at Comdex several times, speaker for Federal forums, a speaker at MIT for IBM's various projects, IRMCO, the e-learning conferences, MORS, and many others. Delivered speeches as Federal SES / CIO / CTO and as NIH Scientific Appointee.



1. Governance Roles:

Her governance roles include: Director, Junior Engineering Technical Society (VA), Treasurer /VP Colesville City Council (MD), a Scientific Fellow for VC, Catalyst f1C (CA) and Advisory Board for pEp Security SA, Luxembourg.

2. Patents:

Granted US Patent 6,424,997 B1 for Artificial Intelligence (AI) used for querying large data sets and asking questions in a natural language style (; Natural Language Query (NLQ) / Natural Language Programming (NLP) used by end users to query hospital databases, disease databases, find a clinical trial for a specific disease or patient type, find general information, ascertain specific information from a large data set in colloquial language. A key contributor to the IBM Watson product set.

Selected articles, books and presentations:

Publications - Books:

"Outsourcing: Positive Impact Stories from Executives Who Have Offshored and Outsourced",Contributors Include: Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Director of Information Systems, National Institute of Health; "Outsourcing gave us round the clock coverage where the sun was shining, with well-trained individuals having excellent IT experience." -- Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Director of Information Systems, National Cancer Institute commenting on her results while she was at IBM.
"Knowing What to Expect in 2005:" Predictions from Over 50 Executives. Contributors Include: Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Raaen Consulting.
"Guidelines for the Development of Computer Based Instructional Material." R. Gordon, V. Mock, V. Atkinson, T. Hoffman, T. Presley, and M. Raaen. 1983.
"Adult Literacy and Computer Assisted Interactive Videodisc": Human Centric User Interfaces. M. Raaen. 1991.
"English as a Second Language and Computer Assisted Videodisc". M. Raaen. 1987.

Articles and Speeches:

"Challenges Facing the Federal CIO", ITEC, April 28th, Keynote –Washington
Convention Center,

"Right Seat, Right Bus – Guiding Top Performers into their Best Roles", CIO Magazine, CIO Leadership Network, Ms. Joan Rigdon, staff writer for CIO Magazine interviewed and quoted Dr. Raaen for this article, Feb. 28, 2008.

"Nurturing our Network", October 2007, CIO Magazine, Dr. Raaen was interviewed as an expert contributor,

"Evaluating IT Bench Strength", CIO Magazine, CIO Leadership Network, Dr. Raaen was interviewed and quoted in this article, July 3, 2007.

"Research on the Risks that the New Daylight Savings Time Change Creates for Businesses and Government Institutions", Article for Bloomberg News, March 11, 2007
"New Computer Technology for the 21st Century"; Santiago Chile. March 28, 2006; Universad Centrale, TIAW International Meeting  

"Using KM to Validate Success of Agency Mission": ARK Group: Government Consortium on Knowledge Management; Oct 11-13 - 2005, Washington DC; Utilize data warehouse technology to provide a basis for knowledge management and data mining for cross-agency program effectiveness; Choose disparate data sets to mine that allow you to determine your agency's overall scorecard; Correlate siloed data to introduce new introspective views of agency data; Data Warehouse Case study: Analyze the correlation between grant money dispersed and student assessment scores in order to improve student achievement;* *by Dr, Marguerite Raaen, PDCIO and CTO for the Department of Education. 
"New Technology to improve Response Time and Customer Satisfaction for Email Routing", ARK Group: Government Consortium on Knowledge Management; Afternoon Session; Oct 11-13 - 2005, Washington DC.
"DOED CIO Future Plans", INPUT Inc. Breakfast. General overview of current IT happenings at the Department of Education"; - Key challenges the DOED is currently facing and how the private sector can get involved to find solutions; DOED's plan for future technologies and investments by Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Education Department Principal Deputy CIO and Chief Technology Officer; September 1, 2005; Government Computer News; Marriott, Falls Church VA.

"The NIH/NCI I2 In Vivo Imaging Archive – Phase 1 Project: Reference Image Database to Evaluate Response (RIDER) to Therapy in Lung Cancer", caBIG Conference for the Academic Research Centers of NCI. Project to implement an NCI infrastructure for transfer and archiving of specified imaging data using open source software; Authors: Dr. Gary Becker – Cancer Imaging Program (NCICIP); Dr. Marguerite Raaen (NCICB); Mr. John Freymann (SAIC CIP); Mr. John Perry (RSNA); Mr. Ajay Gupta (SAIC NCICB); Marriott, Rockville MD; 2005. 
"Establishing New ANSI and ISO Standards", HL7 Clinical Decision Support Technical Committee; San Antonio 5 May 2004; Dr. Marguerite Raaen. 
"SOX and Non Profits" – Non profit Association meeting 2006, Washington DC
"IT Employee Productivity", IRMCO (Interagency Resources Management Conference)
Highlights: Ira Hobbs (DOT CIO) and Dr. Marguerite Raaen (Cable & Wireless)

September 3-6, 2002 Hershey, PA news2001/N01Aug21/body_n01Aug21.html 

"Online skills measurement can deliver remarkable returns for organizations." Federal CIO Conference (IRMCO - (Interagency Resources Management Conference), September 3-6 , 2002 Hershey, PA, by Ira Hobbs, CIO Treasury,

"How is Internet Security Impacting You and Your Organization", WITI Potomac Regional Chapter Event: Thursday, March 7, 2002 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm Discussion Panel: Moderator: Marguerite Raaen, SVP, Global Internet Operations, Cable & Wireless

"Brainbench Case Study"; E-Learning Summit - Marguerite Raaen - Cable & Wireless

"Ecommerce": Chase Manhattan Bank - Metiom (Intelisys): panel speaking on e-commerce: Christopher Wagner, CEO; Robert Kramer, VP Corp Dev; Marguerite Raaen, VP Bus Dev; Joseph Juliano, VP Sales; Erskine Bowles, COB; Michael Collins, VP Marketing

"Education In the e-Environment On-Line Certifications:  A New Level of Benchmark Skill Validity": Edge Nowlin, IBM; Marguerite Raaen, Cable & Wireless; Mike Russiello, Brainbench;

"Delivering the Promise of IP" By Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Senior Vice President / COO e-Enablement, Cable & Wireless Global, Thursday, August 23, 2001; 
"Challenges of the New Modalities in eBusiness: Outsourcing vs. In-sourcing", Silicon Valley World Internet Center; Wednesday, August 22, 2001; Dr. Marguerite Raaen: Enterprises are challenged with accommodating new modalities for eBusiness -- wireless, voice-over-IP, mobile -- all demanding support, infrastructure, and management systems; increased customer care and customer relationship management; partnership management; supply chain management; and beyond,

Sponsor Keynote: Cable & Wireless Strengthens Relationships by Joining with Corporate Collaborators for Internet Innovation at The Silicon Valley World Internet Center ( today announced that Cable & Wireless June 25, 2001.

"Internet Strategic E-Business Transformation", Monday, November 12, 2001 Comdex Fall 2001 / Conference Speakers; 

"Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone! Achieve Goals You Never Thought You Could",
 Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, CA; June 20, 2001; Panel - Dr. Marguerite Raaen - Synopsis: Extraordinary women: how do they achieve such amazing goals.
"METIOM: Powering Internet-Based eMarketplaces" By Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Vice President of Business Development & Technology Acquisition, Metiom, Inc. – September 28, 2000 News2000/N00Sept26/body_n00sept26.html

"B2B eMarketplaces & the Future of e-Commerce: What Path will it take?", Silicon Valley World Internet Center presents: Dr. Warren Raisch, Executive Director of eBusiness, marchFIRST; Mr. Robert Fraser, Founder and Chairman, NetSales; Dr. Marguerite Raaen, SVP President of Business Development, Metiom, 700 Welch Road, Palo Alto,  
"Routing for Contact Centers: New technology to improve response time and customer satisfaction for e-mail routing", Global Contact Centers Conference; February 16-18, 2000; Atlanta Hilton and Towers - Atlanta, GA;
"Enabling the Internet to Communicate Across Geographic Boundaries", The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF): Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre May 16-18, 1999;;
"Intelligent Agents - IBM's Approach to IA", Healthcare Conference Presentation, New York 1996
"Enterprise Applications requiring mobility and wireless technology over the next 5 years ", IBM Customer Conference - Paris, France. 1995
"Linear Optimization: Improving Response Time for the US Army Queries on Large Data Sets with IBM's OSL".  Joint paper with Col. Knight and Dr. Raaen, MORS Classified Conference Annapolis MD 1991
"e-Commerce Corporate Sites: Reduce Cost and Improve Customer Satisfaction" IBM’s e-Commerce Customer Conference; Milan, Italy; speaker Dr. Marguerite Raaen – 1991. 
"Image and the MM Repository and Library for Healthcare Organizations" Sindlefingen Germany. 1989  
"New Technology: Joint Efforts with IBM, Academia and Government"; speaker Dr. Marguerite Raaen; The Association for Education and Communication; Asian Trade Council on Technology, Sydney Australia; Dr. Raaen was selected to represent the US by President Reagan, 1988.
"US Army Personnel Innovations with IBM"; US ARMY Conference, San Antonio TX.  1987.
"Videodisc for Medical Use - An Exciting Environment for Training and Education", ADCIS New Orleans 1986 
"IBM Research Grants Using Optical Disc Technology with Medical Universities", ADCIS WASH DC 1986 

Additional speeches from 1987 to 2019:

Massive Database Construction;
IBM's Intellectual Property Reuse Initiative to Improve Consulting Practice Profitability;
Libraries, Databases and New Search Technology;
Academic Research Joint Projects with IBM;
Joint Research Projects with the US Army, DARPA and IBM;
AI Data Labeling for Better Training Sets;
Closing Federal Data Centers - Moving to the Cloud - DHS;
Presentations on AI - Machine Learning - cognitive computing.

Professional Societies :

PSC – Professional Services Council
Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, SIGLINK, SIGCUE, SIGEVO
Military Operational Research Society
Association for Education and communication technology (AECT)
Human Factors Society
World Future Society - Medical and Computer SIG
WIT - Women in Technology
TIAW - The International Alliance of Women